Increasing Faith Deliverance Ministries International

Increasing Faith Deliverance Ministries International is a bible teaching, faith healing and deliverance ministry. This is a new ministry birth by the Holy Spirit in my heart to feed, clothe, and physically and spiritually raise up standard of living of the poor and the oppressed.

This country has the most church buildings per square mile, yet so many have not really felt or know the love of Christ through most of these churches. Most have only heard the WORD of warning about death and hell, hence the Gospel for them only offers hope and victory after death. While many suffer and grieve in pain, lack and poverty; others gloat and boast of how the Lord blessed them. 

We are not the only ones who have a problem with this, as other ministries and churches have taken the path to change this perverted view of the Gospel – (Read James 2:14-26); And have a more holistic ministry that ministers to the whole man, for “the WORD must become Flesh….” to change and raise up the standard of lives of our people.

I don’t claim or profess to be the best man for the job, but God has chosen me. I told Him I’d give Him my best, and He said that’s all He needs. 

About us

Welcome to Increasing Faith International, a ministry inspired by the Holy Spirit and led by Apostle Richard Fagan. Our mission is to unveil the deep spiritual truths hidden within the Bible, helping you unlock the profound meaning behind numbers, names, dreams, and visions.

We believe that the Word of God is not just a message of hope for eternity, but a source of strength, wisdom, and guidance for every aspect of our daily lives. Through our teachings, we aim to equip you with the tools to understand biblical symbolism and apply its transformative power to your life.


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This book dives into the heart of Jesus Christ’s message: the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. It explores the foundational principles that govern this divine realm, along with the conditions for entry and the blessings of membership.
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